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Volunteer Spotlight - Linda Noterman

Lynda and her husband John have been volunteering for HEART for nearly 2 years now. After working 15 years in the public school systems she was uniquely qualified by God to help with HEART’s teacher blessing. Because of the pandemic, HEART received over 80 pallets of school supplies that need to be sorted, and organized to be a permanent part of our teacher giveaway.

One of their favorite parts about the ministry with HEART are the connections they make with other volunteers. Both Lynda and her husband are retired and feel it’s a blessing to be able to know others in the church and to form those friendships.

She was given the opportunity this winter to organize the Christmas giveaway, and bless over 450 families with Christmas gifts! These moments keep her coming back to serve the ministry and the families coming through the warehouse doors. To see the joy on a mother’s face who is looking for just the right gift for their child and finding it at the giveaway is priceless! During the Christmas giveaway, everyone who came through HEART’s doors was blessed and prayed over after they shopped and as we all know, that was the real gift this Christmas.

Thank you, Lynda, we appreciate you!

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