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Volunteer Spotlight - Don Thielen

Don Thielen has been volunteering at HEART for about 2½ years. His favorite part about the ministry is working with good people that are caring for those in need. He has been doing various volunteer activities including unpacking donations, crossing out bar codes, loading carts to help prepare shelves and he also boxes and labels the cartons that are off season for storage. In 2022, he served over 250 hours! We couldn’t be more grateful for his servant heart. Don's daughter Amy, and their family volunteered and suggested the job to Don as he was searching for purpose in his life, and with HEART he believes he has found a deeper purpose and meaning in his life. Don keeps coming back to HEART because of the variety of merchandise one unpacks and the feeling of knowing that he is helping those in need inside of a healthy, happy and friendly environment. While building those connections with others inside HEART, it truly brings him back–as well as the hours working great with his home life!

Thank you, Don! We appreciate you!

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