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When a natural disaster occurs, a small GO Team is deployed to make connections with local churches, businesses, and other emergency response teams in the area. This team assesses needs, begins to build vital relationships in the area, and serves meals and provides emotional support to first responders and residents impacted.


After the GO Team establishes a base of support within that community, HEART begins to organize volunteer construction and spiritual care Impact Teams to deploy to the area. These teams assist with cleaning, demo, and repairing homes for those who would be unable to. This generally starts three to six months after the disaster occurs and continues for years. 


HEART provides additional support by shipping semi trucks full of donated building supplies (carpet, tile, windows, doors, etc.) and home goods (bedding, kitchen appliances, paper products, etc.), to communities experiencing large scale damage anywhere in the United States. Donations are provided by partnerships with large retailers and stored in a central warehouse in Shakopee, MN. 

Learn about upcoming Impact Trip opportunities here. (Please note you will be directed to a new website.)




HEART is able to quickly mobilize volunteers to assist with storm cleanup, repair damaged homes, sandbag flood threatened homes and businesses, and whatever the need may be. 


We cook and serve meals to first responders and volunteers, and local community members impacted by the disaster. We also supply cleanup and construction materials, and provide emotional support.

Contact to request assistance.

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