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Volunteer Spotlight - Angie Joesting

Angie Joesting has been with the HEART ministry for many years. Her first interaction with the ministry was assisting in Rushford, MN after the flooding in 2007 to help gut homes and prepare them for recovery. Using her time and skills she continued to help with the upkeep of landscaping at the Lakeville campus. Angie loves HEART and everything they stand for. Helping people recover following a crisis has always been something she’s been drawn to, ever since the beginning of the ministry!

In mid 2021–after taking a 10-year break to start a family–Angie found herself drawn back into the ministry. The Warehouse needed extra hands and organizational skills to sort through Amazon boxes and organize products. During her time sorting, she saw a need in the Heartland Outlet to assist in pricing products, interact with customers and organize and restock the shelves. She currently volunteers every Thursday morning at the Heartland Outlet (along with her special assistants; her parents) pricing products and restocking shelves. She keeps going back because she knows that the Heartland Outlet is changing people’s lives every day! She loves being part of a team of people who love Jesus and want to bring life and hope to anyone she has the chance to meet.

“I didn’t come with any special skill set, just a desire to help and learn new things. I’ve met so many great people who volunteer regularly and love going each week to see them too!” –Angie

Thank you, Angie! We appreciate you!

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