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Volunteer Spotlight - Tessa Horstmann

Tessa has been a part of HEART for many years, approximately 7! She started by helping with the prayer ministry and would go meet and pray with those in need. This transitioned into multiple things, including helping to clean up and update the playground in a local trailer park as well as helping to provide food for those in that community, gathering a group of kids to create pictures and pray for the elderly at The Fountains and being involved in intercession groups that helped to pray for Heart as it has grown and changed over the years.

She said that HEART has played a crucial role in the development of her own faith and ability to use that to help those in the community. She has grown into who she is as a christian partly due to her involvement with HEART. And it's not just HEART, but the people who are a part of the ministry that are the key. They helped her grow from a young, new, immature believer into someone who has a deep relationship with Jesus and a better understanding of the Kingdom.

Currently, she is only involved on the prayer side and enjoys being a part of an intercession group that meets monthly to pray for this ministry due to the busy season of life that she is in.

“I truly love this group and people I get to pray with when we meet. It is something I look forward to each month!” –Tessa

Thank you, Tessa! We appreciate you!

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