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Volunteer Spotlight - Deanna Bulthuis

Deanna Bulthuis has been volunteering for the HEART Ministry for approximately six years.

She started out with a few food serving events and mission trips, then became a regular volunteer at the warehouse. Deanna joined the leadership team in 2018 and helped organize the first Community Giveaway events.

Deanna is a blessing to HEART with her organization, leadership, and variety of construction skills! Her favorite part of volunteering with HEART has been working with the volunteers and helping other ministries get the items they need from the warehouse to help others directly.

"What keeps me coming back are the relationships with the awesome volunteers I work with and knowing that together we are making a difference in people's lives. I can see and feel God blessing this ministry and am grateful to be a small part of it."


Thank you, Deanna! We appreciate you!

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