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Volunteer Spotlight - Cece Wech

Cece started with HEART in 2006 when she and her husband went to New Orleans on a mission trip for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. She said that the trip was one of the most inspiring moments of her life, helping those in need and working with her team members who truly inspire her.

She has blessed the HEART ministry and the Heartland Outlet with her organizational skills while unpacking pallets, putting together items that need to be displayed, and working with clients who come into the store during the holidays. She now spends most of her volunteer time working with the Construction Team to help organize projects.

“I love the fact that our construction team works with people who need help locally. I have participated in other volunteer opportunities, but I stick with HEART and the Heartland Outlet because of the amazing things these organizations do for those in need.”

Thank you, Cece! We appreciate you!

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