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Volunteer Spotlight - Anette Dalluge

Annette has been with the HEART ministry for over ten years. With a compassionate heart and desire to pray for others, she found many opportunities through the HEART ministry. Providing love and support through prayer is what the prayer team is all about. Annette’s favorite part of the ministry is praying for people of different cultures. There are so many nationalities that come through HEART’s ministry. She loves to hear people’s stories and be involved in something much bigger than herself, believing that Jesus is using this team for His glory!

Currently, she is ministering more at the warehouse with individuals and families coming through the doors. HEART Prayer has been involved in house blessings as well as praying for physical and emotional healing. We love to walk alongside people until they get a breakthrough!

The power of prayer is a remarkable tool. Annette is blessed and devoted to leading her team through difficult and joyful times with others. We couldn’t do this without you!

Thank you, Annette! We appreciate you!

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