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Volunteer Spotlight - Andrea Hinirchs

Andrea Hinirchs has been volunteering for the HEART Ministry for over six years. She began volunteering with her small group friends in the warehouse by sorting and organizing goods. After her friends and the warehouse leads had to leave the ministry, Andrea and her husband, Kirk, were asked to take on this lead role.

Andrea wears many hats through the warehouse. She is in charge of team leads, the volunteer signup, and organizing all warehouse events, such as our bi-weekly Community Night Giveaways and our Christmas Giveaway event. She works in compliance with Good360, tracks donations coming in and out of the warehouse, and manages donations to Hosanna’s church campus events.

Andrea has done a fantastic job leading this department. While working so hard behind the scenes, she still gets to see the work the whole ministry is doing in our community. Her favorite part of the ministry is her love of serving others and seeing them walk away from the warehouse blessed with gifts.

Thank you, Andrea! We appreciate you!

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