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Upcoming 2023 Florida Impact Trip

In September of 2022, Hurricane Ian pushed its way through southern Florida. In the event, at least 5,000 homes were destroyed, and 160 lives were lost in the horrible natural disaster that struck. When all hope may have been lost, a group of HEART volunteers, who winter in Florida began to help. Semi-loads were sent down to the disaster, each one containing a variety of furniture, water, clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and more. Our group has done a remarkable job assisting in distributing items and working with local churches to determine where HEART can assist with the reconstruction of lost homes and providing hope for families.

Such a blessing has made out of what seemed to be a hopeless situation. Even though these volunteers have done so much for so many, HEART still has bigger plans. Starting April 10th going to April 15th, the HEART ministry will send a team to Fort Myers, Florida.

HEART needs you to volunteer!

HEART Florida April 2023

Mon, Apr. 10 - Sat, Apr. 15, 2023

Fort Myers (area) | Hurricane Ian Disaster Relief

Cost = airfare/baggage (approx. $300-$400)

* HEART covers all other costs

Looking for all skill levels (skilled/semi-skilled construction) as well as those who just have a heart to help others. Projects and outreach opportunities are currently being assessed/determined based on need & size of team.

Questions? Email Deanna Bulthuis or Eldon Adolph.

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