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Ukraine Family Finds Hope

Mom, Liza (in yellow jacket) was unexpectedly blessed with the opportunity to “shop” for her family. They are a family of musicians from Ukraine. Their youngest daughter Ketryn was born on February 24, 2022–the day Russia invaded Ukraine! After leaving the hospital, they took their 4 children (Ketryn, Adel (6), Danylo (13), and Nikita (18)) and documents and fled to Poland where they stayed for 2 months before taking a long and difficult journey to the U.S. starting over with nothing. They are very grateful to the Americans for their support and help.

Liza has been blessed with amazing and generous people her family have been finding along the way. How a perfect stranger engages with them and helps in meaningful ways connecting them with a person–or providing a piece of information that opens a door here and there. Most importantly, these people who she did not know a day before, have become angels in their lives and stay with them for the journey. They are in awe with the willingness of Americans to help. They are so very grateful!

The visit to HEART for Christmas gifts was so unexpected and beyond what they could have hoped for. Financially buying a Christmas tree and decorations, and even getting gifts, was rather out of reach. While the parents could understand this, they were sad for their children. Putting up the tree was such a joy for the whole family, even the older boys! A sense of normalcy and celebration for all during this time.

"My family got so much for Christmas from the HEART Warehouse that I have no words enough to describe our gratitude! It’s absolutely amazing!

Just a few months ago we came from Ukraine and had nothing for holidays but you helped us very much! My 4 kids are happy!"


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